Ian discussing the possibility of Bonnie and Damon in season 6. (x)

I think I speak on behalf of most of us, Pedro.  Who say how delighted we are to see you intact.


These photos were taken a few seconds apart.

Ian Somerhalder telling the real reason why there are not Bonnie/Damon scenes on The Vampire Diaries. +


This scene just gets sadder and sadder the older I get.

Hello to all Arianne fans! We have decided to show our appreciation for the wonderful Arianne Martell, by dedicating the week 9th-15th august to her (in spite of what appears to be the appalling decision to her erase her from Game of Thrones). We are looking for gifs, graphics, edits, fanart, fanmixes, videos, metas, etc. We encourage and accept all types of content dedicated to and inspired by her, to show just how much love there is for Arianne out there.

We have created a schedule to help to inspire all her fans:

  • day 1) favorite fancast
  • day 2) favorite quote 
  • day 3) favorite trait (physical appearance or personality)
  • day 4) favorite relationship
  • day 5) favorite color
  • day 6) favorite moment
  • day 7) whatever you want

Every creation tagged as #arianneweek will be reblogged on this blog! We’ll be reblogging posts after the schedule as well, to help to spread our love for Arianne Martell!

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but do you realize how long ian’s been waiting not only for bamon but to TALK about bamon

cuz before well he brought it up and was psyched when smb asked about it but he couldn’t legit rant about it like a shipper bc there were yet no plans to bring bonnie and damon together

but now that it’s finally happening, all those years of pent-up frustration are showing like he aint stopping for no bitch he is reading straight from the shipper’s guidebook without giving a single solitary fuck; all the tropes are there, from profound connection & thin line between love and hate to damon’s bed & witch babies. i’m waiting for him to outline the perfect bamon wedding he’s always had in mind he probably keeps a scrapbook under his pillow

basically, what i’m saying is ian somerhalder is talking about bamon the way a mormon talks about jesus christ


Ian Somerhalder talking about Bonnie and Damon’s fate and co star Kat Graham +