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“I’m here… just as I promised” — Ichabod Crane (via damonismydarkprince)

emperorirene said: Eh, still remain completely unimpressed. If stuff that brings absolutely nothing new and is uninspiring gets admiration, it lowers the standard, which keeps the discourse from improving, which is counterproductive to everything feminist.

Agreed, standards need to be raised, discourse improved. I know what you mean about ppl simplifying the speech to get free passes. But at this point, I think Emma deserves admiration for taking this far more seriously than most of her peers. I appreciate that she calls attention to this and though her message isn’t new, I think it’s still needed. At least she’s one of the people setting up a basis from which discourse can be improved (it already has improved scholastically and in specialized circles, but not so much in mainstream media and culture).

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So the first person Ichabod thought about was Abbie and his video message in case he died was also to Abbie…


emperorirene said: She was in the UN, there’s no way you get slandered there for saying stuff like that. And being a feminist is far from unpopular. I just think her message was badly written and shallow, which is why I don’t get the admiration. It’s just “meh”.

Well, not slandered at the UN, but in the media and online. I hear 4chan has already posted smth heinous about it. As for being a feminist, well the idea behind it is becoming more and more mainstream, but the word is still feared for some reason; many actresses, for example, will avoid association with it and hence, harm the idea too. Heck, I was the only person in my class to raise my hand when asked if we were feminists. When I talked to a female friend about it once, she just ducked her head and said “but you know, I’m not really a feminist cuz that’s too radical”. So there is a lot of misunderstanding involved.

Her speech I think was good enough, I mean she had a couple of minutes to present the project persuasively and I think she achieved that. We can’t expect her to be Gloria Steinem so I think we can cut her some slack for not living up to certain standards.

(and yes, we might be “over-praising” but any effort of this kind taken by a public person with some sway over young people is to be lauded in my opinion. like she said, she feels responsible about this and wants to participate. that’s at least admirable, no?)


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