God, this man, THIS MAN. Everything he says is magic.

The only thing that can make me laugh even when I’m depressed as shit is Perd Hapley doing the worm like a boss.

Oh my God, I am crying my eyes out, Leslie that was so beautiful! Ugh, the way Ben supported you, the way you said you’re gonna crush Bobby Newport and then you did and the whole of Pawnee getting to see what you’re made of, it’s like my dream fanfic coming to life. Pawnee-ans won’t be fooled by Sweetums, you won’t let that happen, even if you love candy, you’re going to sacrifice your love of candy for the best town in the world.

  Everything else was superb, right down to your finishing line; you hear that NBC? This show isn’t going anywhere!

And then Bobby Newport congratulated you like a doofus. Paul Rudd, you complete everything you’re in.

Even Perd Hapley worked his magic on me. And Joan is single everyone, she is single. You know what that means, she will prey on vulnerable Chris. I’m calling it.