SEMTD Week Day 2: Season  2 

'It's you and me, Stefan. Always.’

lol what if there were earrings in the box tho how awkward would that be

man this stelena AU is complete with parents i am officially impressed

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5.04 || 5.16

Q: A lot of “Stelena” fans were pretty upset about Stefan hooking up with Katherine, because they saw it as the end of “Stelena.” Have any advice for those fans?

Caroline Dries: My advice to them would be to relax. Stop tweeting at me [laughs]. I will say that for five seasons the love triangle has been the heart of this show. Just because Elena’s not with Stefan at this moment doesn’t mean that the triangle isn’t there in some way. So we’re going to keep Stefan’s love interest situation intact, whether it’s Elena or somebody else, it’s not like he’s going to be lonely.

” —


all right, seems like Caroline Dries and i are not gonna be friends

not that i was expecting otherwise

gurl listen to me and listen good

u gotta take a good look in the mirror and think about what u said

no no dont just look, stand there for a while, make sure u reflect (get it)

gurl i dont know where to begin with how fucked up this is

do u hate these characters is what i’m saying

do u hate this show

maybe u do

dont blame u sometimes

but gurl

if u think the way to solve this mess is to keep stefan salvatore permanently miserable

by giving him relationships

taking them away

giving him elena

taking her away

and just fucking repeat until u feel he’s not “lonely” anymore

then u have issues

big ones

also “it doesn’t mean that the triangle isn’t there in some way”

in what way caroline

u mean half of damon’s dick and half of stefan’s dick will always be inside elena’s cooch

is that what u meant

cuz lemme tell you

the shades i’m throwing right now could give lucille bluth a run for her money

"I’m no angel, I’m just me

but I will love you endlessly

You need me.”

Domestic Stilas

The Choice, or the problematic treatment of Stefan Salvatore

I realize that at this point, talking about the TVD season finale and the countless things that went wrong with it would be a bit repetitive.

To be sure, the episode had some good parts, too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy some aspects of it  that were handled well, namely, Matt and Rebekah’s adventures, the Klaroline resolution and the Stefan/Silas subplot.

But the bad outweighed the good by a landslide.

For a while, I thought the bitter taste in my mouth was left by Bonnie Bennett’s rushed and underwhelming departure. I thought my vitriol was caused only by the disregard shown to her character.

Then, slowly, I realized why I was still angry.

Stefan Salvatore.

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but you know what the weird thing is?

if silas isn’t trolling again

that means that eons ago

there was a triangle between him, a witch who probably looked like bonnie and i guess another petrova doppelganger (because who are we kidding here, who else would silas’ love be in this context)



lol what if this is the secret triangle we never noticed

(i’m laughing even though i hate everything right now)